Between The Lines

Sometimes what lies in silence is a trail of tears

Making their way through the valleys of time

Spilling from the cracks in a heart which has known too much pain

The clock ticks loudly as the questions resound like screams in a canyon

Why is this happening, where is the solace in the midst of all the solitude?

This telltale heart sometimes needs a translator to decipher the language

Of a life lived at the crossroads of enthusiastic love and fearful withdrawal

A pushing away when the desire is to pull closer

The sorrow and confusion run deep enough to pull someone under

Creating an urge to run to higher ground, away from the tempest

For a while the chasm sits, gaping wide and craggy

As the battle wages between uncertainty and understanding

Until the path to stable ground appears, where things feel safe and sure

Hold onto the slightest of comforts, even when the silence deafens

For within the seemingly endless darkness, lies the glimmer of hope

Which keeps the spirit of love and renewal alive while reading between the lines.






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