Tarot for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2016

Yes, the tarot is back, and with a new deck! After a much needed break to recover from the flu and evaluate some things…I just couldn’t resist bringing this feature back. The cards are the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore (no relation…that I know of) with artwork by Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is the King of Pentacles:

King of Pentacles

This card indicates someone who wants everyone around them to be happy. They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is having a good time and is taken care of. Unfortunately, this often means that they neglect taking care of themselves in the process of taking care of others. This particular card refers more to our emotional and mental aspects than the physical.We all know though, that after long enough the lines can blur and the impact can spread.

The second card is The Sun:

The Sun

The Sun indicates a time of happiness and positive energy. This represents a real opportunity to enjoy yourself and allow yourself to be more optimistic.

The third card is the Knave of Cups:

Knave of Cups

The Knave of Cups is another happy card. While this Knave has a kind and giving heart, as with all Knaves there is a lack of experience. We are reminded to keep an open mind and remember that things aren’t always exactly as we interpret them. Knaves can also bear messages. This particular one deals with creative projects, romance, or emotional situations.


You may be coming into this week feeling a bit depleted and in need of self care. Perhaps you’ve been working so hard at tending to everyone else that you haven’t recharged yourself and will need to soon. The good news is that this week has a lot of potential for unbridled joy, opportunities for positive outcomes, and optimism which means that tending to yourself is highly recommended. Anything that you do for yourself at this time can go a long way.

Remember, however to keep an open mind. Let go of any tendency to judge either yourself or others this week. Focus on the good things and remain optimistic, as there is a potential that you could be faced with an emotional situation which would be better tended with love and compassion than instant judgement. Keep an eye open for an opportunity around a creative endeavor or a romantic encounter. With the focus being so much on tending to ourselves and opening up to more happiness, it it not a surprise that positive things will be drawn to us this week.

As always, what we choose to do with what is put in front of us and how we choose to see it is forever within our own control.



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