Tarot for the Week of February 7 – 13, 2016

The cards for this week are from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The first card is the Four of Fire. This is a card of standing in your personal power. This will be a good week to focus on acknowledging just how powerful you are. Use that power to not only set some intentions, but to take steps toward making them happen.

The second card is Awakening. Now is a time to expand your consciousness and allow yourself to break free from criticism and judgement…not only from the past, but also in your current life. Think about the interconnection of all life, and understand that this connection is a source of strength. Remember to include compassion and consideration of the impact your actions when moving forward. Doing so will help you to live a life which is true to who you really are.

The third card for this week is the Seven of Fire. This card encourages us to be willing to take risks in order to grow…to more fully become ourselves. Learn to trust yourself more. Know that you are strong enough to work toward your dreams. This card, like the Four of Fire also touches upon personal power. The image on the card is of a blacksmith, which reminds us to strike while the iron is hot.

This week’s theme seems to be all about personal power and recognizing your strength. Not only that, but trusting yourself and your strength enough to forge ahead with your goals and dreams.  Be on the lookout for opportunities, and go for them…knowing that you are more than capable enough of accomplishing what you set out to do. The Awakening card stands as a reminder to keep not only ourselves in mind as we go through this week. We need to remember to exercise compassion, and understand that our actions have an effect which reaches far beyond just ourselves.

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