Steaming Pile Of Shift

I’ve been hearing from many of of you that you are going through difficult adjustment periods right now. We all know that change is not only inevitable, but necessary. Sometimes though, the process is really hard to go through. Even when we actively ask for things to come to light so that they can be healed, we can’t be fully prepared for the impact of it when it happens.

Not only that, there are times in which shifting occurs on larger scales. It is my opinion that we are living in one of those large scale times. I’m right in the midst of it with all of you. Trust me, I understand all too well the mixed feelings of happiness that things are changing, along with the fear and confusion as we all try to figure out what to do next. As we watch the changes in our world unfold, sometimes it feels like it is all we can do to just hang on. While it’s easy to feel guilt or a sense of insufficiency when fear or uncertainty rear their heads…just know that this guilt and insufficiency are unwarranted.

How do I know? Because I have had to remind myself or have the people who love me remind me of it often enough…especially in the past week. I recently had to see a women’s health specialist about some long term issues. After he reviewed my records and asked what felt like an endless number of questions, he uttered words that no one wishes to hear. He feels that it is more than a slight possibility that I may have uterine cancer.

Yes, he named off a few other possibilities, but he feels concerned enough to have ordered a biopsy next week. Now, I’m feeling less fearful…less shocked…less paralyzed. For several days after my visit however, it was far from easy. Luckily for me, I have a great network of sisters. Sisters by birth…sisters by choice. Let me tell you, my sisterhood is quite often my saving grace, and I can only hope that I offer the same sense of love and safety to them. Through the gentle love and support that I’ve received, I’ve been able to calm down quite a bit and to feel that I’m going to be okay…no matter what.

Why am I giving you all of this highly personal information? Just like I share my work with you…the good and the bad…it is important to me that I share my life and experiences with you…the good and the bad. Yes I come here often to teach, encourage, offer my services, and share my creative endeavors. That’s not all though. I am here to share with you my humanity. Sometimes the most important thing which someone can offer to another is the knowledge that they aren’t alone in feeling lost and afraid sometimes.

Next time you find yourself stepping in a steaming pile of shift…just know that all of us are wading through it right along with you. We live in interesting times dear friends. No matter how difficult it is at times, we have to remember that we are never truly alone and that there is always room for hope.


2 thoughts on “Steaming Pile Of Shift

  1. Oh my god Tracy!!!! I sure hope that it’s NOT cancer and something more garden variety that can be treated, or perhaps surgically dealt with. Please please please keep us updated and if you need ANYTHING you call me. Or hit me up on Facebook.

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