Changes Are Afoot

The increase in the number of projects that I’m working on has led to an increased need for balance, so there are going to be some changes so that I can manage it all, while making taking better care of myself a priority…and keeping some shred of sanity. My health has taken a hit, and I realize that a good bit of that is due to my lack of taking adequate care of myself. I had already made drastic changes to my diet, but not to the movement of my body. For about a year, I’ve been predominantly sedentary…no wonder I feel yucky!

Not only that but I had let my meditation, tai chi, yoga, and art practices slide away…the things that make me feel the most alive! The time has come to do something about this. No more thinking…no more “planning”. Plus, since I finally finished writing the first draft of a novel that I first began twenty years ago…I feel a push to edit it into completion…and actually began that process today. After this book is put to bed, I have the metaphysical book which I began in November waiting on me and I’m really looking forward to getting into it.  I feel very strongly that my desire to be of service to others cannot be complete if I’m not tending to my own fires, including health and happiness. Right now I am feeling called to focus more heavily on projects which can reach more people such as writing, videos, and possibly a few workshops/speaking events later this year.

I want to thank all of you in advance for growing right along with me. I’ll list all of the changes below.

  • After tomorrow, the Ask Tracy video series will be every other week for the time being. This gives all of you more time to come up with questions…and me more time to do more stuff. I’ll still record and post them on Wednesdays.
  • Beginning February 1st, I’ll be participating in 2 art challenges. The first is 29 Faces, which I wrote about the other day. The second is one that asks that you come to the same canvas each day for 5-15 minutes, without a plan and lay down some paint…for 30 days. I am curious to see what the end result will look like. Perhaps something really cool, perhaps a mud puddle…time will tell.
  • Also beginning February 1st…well technically January 31st, I’ll be changing the Card of the Day to a three card, weekly reading. I’ll post the weekly reading each Sunday. I’ve been batting this around for a while anyway, and with increased need to free up time and energy, I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes. I’ve been curious to see how things go if the readings have more time to play out. This will be subject to change depending on how it works out.
  • I’ll be posting each of the 29 Faces as they are created…except on weekends. I’ll post those along with each Monday’s face.
  • More than likely, I’ll post a weekly update on the 30 day canvas project. Gonna wing this one.
  • I’ll still be available to schedule some appointments for readings, just not as many.
  • My time on social media will be less than usual, especially while I am tending to my health and the editing. I’ll still be around a decent amount during the week, but not on weekends at all.
  • I’m aiming for one substantial blog post per week, but I realize that it may be less than that in February with so many other things going on.

As the scope of my work changes, it is necessary to make adjustments along the way. Even though all of this might come off as rigid…it is the opposite. It is my sincere belief that by making room for self care and joy that I can offer more to the world. The past year has been a real roller coaster in my personal life and not long ago, I awakened to the fact that I had essentially stopped truly living…I had stopped allowing the well of my heart to be replenished.

My word for this year, which I selected back in October is “Listen”, and I have been actively listening to the call of my heart and soul. I admit that I am feeling some growing pains as I reach beyond the old limits which I had set for myself. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. It’s going to take a little time to figure out the right balance, so I’m asking for your patience as I find my stride.

I’m so thankful to all of you for being here…and for all of your loving support throughout the years. Here’s to many more!




4 thoughts on “Changes Are Afoot

  1. Unless you take care of your own home…it will start to crumble. You must take care of yourself before you can healthily take care of others. Much love to you in your journey of your rebuilding. Your guides will be of great assistance.

  2. Your plans sound way more interesting than mucking about online. It really is a huge time-suck isn’t it? Yet I can’t pull myself away. lol

    • JoJo, I know what you mean! I find myself spending hours online…doing absolutely nothing…then wonder why I haven’t done more art or writing. Wish me luck in changing this pattern, please. 🌸

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