Card of the Day ~ January 16, 2016

Today’s card is from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

12 Tree

The image on this card shows a woman suspended from the tree upside down. This card corresponds to The Hanged Man card in a standard tarot deck. While it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, it isn’t one to be feared. Times of suspension, when it feels as though we are stuck or even moving backward, are times in which we have an opportunity to look for new perspectives or ways of doing things. One of the most frustrating things for many people, myself included, is feeling as though they are doing everything that they can only to have it seem as though progress is at a standstill or that things aren’t going their way. This is a lesson in letting go of the illusion of control, which is an ego thing. Use times like this to be open to the gifts in the stillness.

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