Once More


I’ve got hydrangeas in the vases and rose petals in my tea

Sultry music drifting through the air, candles gently flickering

The shadows on the wall and I share a sensual dance

My skirt swirls around my ankles as I happily twirl

Coming back to the land of the living now

Lovingly kissing the past goodbye, my heart is blissfully open

Right here is right for now, as time has healed the wounds

Losses and pain have been the best teachers

At times the most painful sight was being awakened

Being forced to see the illusion of my grand delusions

It is grand indeed, for now I’m truly free

The capacity to feel the elation of love and joy is greater than ever

Sweet rush of elation thrums through my veins

Zest for life tickles my senses like champagne bubbles once more.









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