Themes and Confirmations

Every year on October 31st, I choose a theme for the upcoming year. This year, the word “Listen” kept repeating itself in my head as I ruminated on what I desire to focus on in the months ahead. After spending all day with it, the answer to what that meant came…in a dream. It was an interesting experience. A woman spoke to me in my dream about what it was that I was to be listening to.

My eyes, ears, heart, and mind are all to be open to what my soul is saying…what the universe is saying…what the Earth herself is saying…what other people are feeling. I was confused by this word a bit because I’m being led to write a book, to work on projects that will involve output on my part. This felt contradictory to the word listen. What was clarified to me is that while I will be putting more out there, I will taking my work to a different level.

I’m to be absorbing that which is around me and that which is within me, and then letting the words come out. It is a call to take the process of living intuitively even deeper…of pulling back and taking the time to devote to more in depth study of the topics that I’ll be sharing. Even though it has all been coming together, I’ve still felt as though I was missing something. Well, over the past few days there have been some things which have popped up that have helped me to see how to put this theme into practice.

I’ve had several encounters recently with people who just needed to be heard. There have been others which were needing to hear things and I was able to lead them to their own answers…from within themselves…because I had been listening. This has made it easier for me to release the conversations as well, because I have a deeper awareness of not being responsible for carrying around other people’s stuff in order to be of assistance. There have been times when I have stayed quiet and taken in what was happening around me and taking time to digest it…which led me to knowing what needed to be done or said at a later point…or not…sometimes just taking in is enough.

Tonight, a truly beautiful thing happened which  feels like the final confirmation that “Listen” is indeed my word for this year. The timing worked out for me to attend this month’s online soul “Soul Party” with a group of great people. This group is called Soulful Life Sanctuary, and is led by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. Earlier today I had been sitting here paying bills when out of nowhere, I had a memory which I thought that I had gotten past. Instantly, I was angry…it was around finances and other people.

This Soul Party’s theme was forgiveness and has been set for about two weeks. When I got into the group page to attend, it hit me. Whoa! I just had  one of those moments which needed forgiveness today. Jodi suggested to me that instead of questioning myself as to why I let this drift back into my consciousness, that I look at it and ask what it is that I need to examine about the situation. Ah-ha! I wasn’t meant to engage myself in a litany of self doubt and wondering why in the world I was dredging that up. I needed to “listen” to it and hear what I needed to hear in order to take the process to the next level. Just stopping to listen to what that memory was showing me was great. I have part of the picture, but not all of it yet and that’s okay. That’s the part that I love…that it’s okay!

It has been an interesting several days, and I am relieved to be clearer about this whole listening idea. It is already making easier to flow with things. The process of listening is active, yet it isn’t rash. So many things are shifting these days for me and for many of you that I can’t claim to have all of the answers. Not even half of them. What I absolutely know is that what my journey is requiring of me at this time is to open up and allow things to unfold naturally.

A good comparison would be to think of when you are talking to another person. The one who truly listens will be able to help you the most. The one who is trying to figure out what their response will be and how they can fix things before they even hear you out fully is not much help at all. This is where I feel like I am in life and with my work. Slow down…listen…take things in…then think about the action or words, even if it takes a little while. I can feel myself relaxing more already, even as I am working on more projects and ideas than usual, because I am not feeling the pressure to have it all figured out in that instant.

When it comes to your life, are you actively listening?

6 thoughts on “Themes and Confirmations

  1. I love this article Tracy, I have had to come back to it several times since you posted. My first thought was “Yes, I actively listen” and in ways I absolutely do. But the more I think on this blog the more I wonder, maybe some of my personal challenges would be going better if I was listening harder … maybe harder isn’t the right word … If I was listening more fully I think may be a more accurate way to say it.

    I absolutely listen to others, their words, their hearts & souls and to the message I receive for them when that happens. I do not listen with the intention of fixing, all though I am sometimes able to help that is not why I listen. As I have said many times we all need a sounding board and sometimes when people are talking that is all they need, someone to hear them (as you said)

    Where I realize that I may be failing, or lacking, is in listening to myself, to my own soul. I think I do this pretty well, but at the same time “thinking” should not be part of it. I need to eradicate the tendency to second guess the things my soul says, the need to second guess my intuition and the thinking that my thoughts and feelings are only valid if I can find external confirmation. I feel as though maybe this is what my soul has been screaming at me that I have not been truly “hearing” So I have come to the conclusion that I need to listen better, and more fully to my own spirit.

    Brightest of Blessings to you ❤

    • Once more, we find ourselves right in the same place. Maybe not the same situations or circumstances…but the core level stuff. Wishing you the best in your exercise in hearing…it is so difficult…I know! (((hugs)))

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