Honoring Those Who Came Before

Bethany Cemetery 10-10-10 026The month of October is undoubtedly one of my favorite times of year. It is when we enter the phase of the year in which we go within…we nest…we tend to our home fires. It is also when the veil between our physical realm and that of the spirit realm is at its thinnest. As a person who is sensitive to spirit anyway, October tends to be a very active month for me. Honoring those who came before is something which is increasingly important to me and I know that it is for many of you too.

I have many people on the other side now…both of my parents, all of my grandparents, a sister, a daughter, friends, other family, and a few of my past loves. It is important to me to be mindful of them at this time…to pay them my respects…to remember. Not only that, I sometimes ask for them to enter my dreams and talk to me…to guide me as they would if they were still here. Some might think that this is all a figment of the imagination…or utterly ridiculous. To that I would say that the belief of the person experiencing something and the impact that it has on them is truly the only thing that matters if you think about it…regardless of your personal take on it.

For the past three years, I have lived in a building with A LOT of history…and therefore, a lot of spirit activity. It hasn’t been that many years that I have permitted myself to be open and receptive for any longer than the time that it used to take me to freak out. I’m just being honest here. This gift is not one which I’ve always had much comfort with…I used to keep it locked down tighter than tight. The funny thing about that is that no matter how tightly I though I had it locked away…it was always there anyway…there were always glimmers of things.

Over the past five years especially, I’ve had a big shift when it comes to not only accepting, but appreciating these parts of myself. My first year in this building was pretty crazy for me. As time went by, I have learned the ‘hot’ spots and the general tone of the energies in certain parts of this place. One spot in the building is a little tricky. There are times that you can be in this location and feel perfectly at ease…and at others…the air feels colder and there is a sense to keep on moving because someone/something unfriendly is there and it isn’t good to linger. Being able to prepare is so helpful…let me tell 4aa3b-flowers004you! Last year, I spent some time in various areas of my building acknowledging and honoring those still lingering…and it was good.There were other spots, like the one I talked about above that I simply went through acknowledging their privacy and expressing my respect for that.

This year however, I am mainly focusing on my ancestors and loved ones on the other side. The desire to connect with them is strong. It isn’t that I am closing off to others…because that’s just not the way that I am. This is the first year in my journey that I feel ready and prepared to truly honor and thank my loved ones. I’ll be doing some special things for them on an altar this year…putting out some of their favorite things. I’ll even be preparing some of their favorite meals in remembrance.

Do any of you have special things that you do to honor those on the other side?


6 thoughts on “Honoring Those Who Came Before

  1. I don’t really do much to honour those on the other side, other than think about family members that have passed on. I’ve never been one who visited the cemetery and I don’t do any rituals or anything like that in the house. I have been sensitive to places in the past, although I spent the day in Salem and picked up on nothing there, yet the entire state of Connecticut gives me the creeps and always has since I was little (and mind you I only ever went through it on the highway going to/from NY, and occasionally stopping at an aunt’s house on the way home).

  2. I love the idea of honoring our ancestors. I think about them all the time, but to do something special for them is really awesome. I love this post. Thank you.

  3. I think I don’t honor my ancestors enough, mainly because the hereditary stuff that was passed on to me has not been easy to deal with. But I love this post, because it reminds me that I can still honor them. That’s creepy about the part of your building that feels cold. I have a sensitivity to places as well – I couldn’t get off the boat to visit Alcatraz – the vibes were so strong coming off it.

    • I understand what you’re saying Karen, believe me. Yes, honoring them has become valuable to me because no matter what, here I am…and they are part of that. Those not good things have birth to some of the best parts of who I am today. Yeah, that part of my building is creepy at times. Interesting about your experience at Alcatraz!

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