Card of the Day ~ September 29, 2015

Today’s card is from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Nine of EarthIt is important to note the flip side of this card because it indicates that either you have reached a certain point in your life, or that you have not found it yet. You could be in a time of your life in which you have reached success and connection to the degree that you feel, or are beginning to feel very comfortable and satisfied….that your inner and outer worlds are in harmony. Continue to pursue your passions and making connections, because a very harmonious and prosperous period is now upon you.

If however, you are on the opposite side and feel as though things aren’t quite right…that you aren’t getting ahead…you aren’t finding the right people and connections, it’s time to slow down a little bit and figure out what you need to do to get there. This card indicates that for you, the time is right to begin making this happen. It can be difficult, or even feel impossible at times to have more harmony and abundance. Don’t let that feeling fool you. Know that you can find your way. The first step is shifting the energy by looking around and truly seeing the many things which you already have to be thankful for.

2 thoughts on “Card of the Day ~ September 29, 2015

  1. I give gratitude every day and when I am lost, like recently, I increase the gratitude blessings … I truly believe Universe will not give me more to be grateful for if I am not grateful for what I already have so I love seeing this as part of the message ❤
    I fit into the 2nd half of this card in ways. I am doing my best to trust that Universe will guide me, she started me down this path so I can only believe she will help me to continue down this path. I am doing everything I know how though because I also believe Universe can only help you if you are actually on your path doing, it is impossible for Universe to put something in your path if you are sitting on your laurels LOL Brightest of Blessings

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