Card of the Day…Break Due to Illness

Hi everyone,

I’ve come down with a bug of some kind, and it’s not a nice one. Until I’m a little better, I am taking a short break from the Card of the Day. I don’t feel right about doing this work when I’m feeling this badly. So, I am going to step away for a few days and get better. Thank you for understanding. Be back as soon as possible.



10 thoughts on “Card of the Day…Break Due to Illness

  1. Tracy, I hope you feel better soon. So, I will do card of the day in your absence: Today’s card says to take heed of your body’s feelings. Pay attention to what it needs; rest, relaxation and a calming environment. Stop thinking of others and think only to your own needs and cherish the heart that beats within your own skin. Be at one with yourself until you are strong enough to share. Worry not for the outside world but just for the interior of self. xxx

  2. I hope you are feeling much better very soon Tracy! Take all the time you need, we will still be here when you return! Sending healing energies and if it is applicable do not forget to use your salve πŸ™‚ Blessings

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