Two Rough Sketches

This past weekend I spent a good bit of time with a pen, pencil, or brush in my hand. Below are two rough sketches that I did…just because. Nope, they aren’t all that great. It’s just that it feels so good to be doing this sort of thing again, that I wanted to share. The quality of the work here is irrelevant…this is all about the feeling. No matter how good or bad you think your work is…do what makes you feel happy. That’s what this post is about…the inner feeling which creating brings. No one ever has to see it but you. As all of you know by now…or are about to learn if you are new, I love many forms of creativity. I had been dormant for a while due to some heavy personal stuff. Let me tell you…that felt bad. The fact that I am coming back to life creatively makes me ecstatic. What’s your outlet?




7 thoughts on “Two Rough Sketches

  1. Well I think they are pretty good honestly 🙂 I love the owl … It looks like such a happy owl … It honestly looks like at any moment it will start telling us what it has been up to and that all the stories will be happy, playful and bright spirited 😀

    • Thanks JoJo. I saw the beginning of your CD Mandala project posted late last night as I was trying to get to sleep. Can’t wait to see them finished. I have to ask…did you do the outline on the shapes freehand?? They look fantastic.

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