Card of the Day ~ August 29, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.


This card is perfect for today’s full moon energy. It lets us know that there is a lot going on right now and that some of our decisions might be tough. This is right in line with this Pisces full moon…it could be an emotional day. There are some things and relationships which we might be best to allow to fall away today, because they are not for our highest good. While it may be difficult, it is necessary at times to allow the cleansing power of the sacred flame to come through our lives. This is a day to allow yourself to see things and people as they really are. No more blinders! Trust in this process for it signals that we can tap in to great power at this time. Just be sure to be smart about how you use it. When you come out the other side of this, your life will be enriched…and your burden much lighter.

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