Card of the Day ~ August 23, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shaepshifter Tarot”. I absolutely love this card anyway, and it is even more meaningful to me personally that this card came up for today. August 23rd was my mother’s birthday. She has been gone for almost 14 years, and there are times when I miss her more than others. Her birthday is typically one of those times. Drawing this card for today, gives me the wonderful feeling that she is near today. Read on below for my general interpretation for this fantastic card.


This is a card of bounty, loving energy, wisdom, and creativity. Today will be a great day for coming up with ideas which have the potential to move you forward and help you to grow. The mother is a very unique mixture of energies…of caring and also of mystery. The deeper realms of possibilities, solutions, a-ha moments, and magical experiences are likely today. One of the best ways to tune into the gentle, yet powerful energy of the mother and her assistance is to get in touch with nature. Spend some time today with some form of the natural world. If you cannot be out in nature, then at least focus on nature. Quietly hold crystals or rocks, feel the fresh air on your face through an open window or step out onto your porch for a few minutes, listen to some running water…even a fountain, or any other activity which really brings you in touch with nature. Prepare to receive and enjoy the gifts which this card promises.

5 thoughts on “Card of the Day ~ August 23, 2015

  1. I love this card and it’s message and I am glad that you had that moment with your mother’s energy by pulling this on the anniversary <3… I find it slightly ironic or synchronistic that you said "Quietly hold crystals or rocks" because I unexpectedly came across a rock person at camp who was selling stones … I wound up getting 3 of the stones (Russian Phenacite, Goshenite & Hiddenite … It was an "ite" day lol) I have been looking for for a while and I have an appointment for Labor Day weekend to see other stones, that I have been looking for, that they have but did not have with them at the time ❤ I also found out that my Tibetan Quartz may actually be Russian Quartz LOL

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