Card of the Day ~ August 12, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.


You might find that you are in a position of having to defend yourself today…or at least feeling like you need to. While this card serves as a potential warning that someone may not have your best interests at heart or that things haven’t been as you thought them to be, it also lets you know that you have all of the resources that you need to be able to handle it. Trust your intuition today, and do what you know is right for you. The approval or permission of others is not necessary. It is possible to tap in to the power of the Universe itself when you are in tune with body, mind, and spirit. If things start to feel too intense today, remind yourself that you are not alone in dealing with the situation. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to be guided and assisted. You are more powerful than you think. The truth will come out and you will be able to connect to the divine, the natural world, and your highest selves even more strongly than before.


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