Card of the Day ~ August 6, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.


If ever there were a time to let go of the things, behaviors, people, and habits which do not serve your highest good, this would be it. This card indicates a day of power…of establishing or re-establishing connection with the divine/your highest self. The name of the card gives us a hint as to what a large part of the process of stepping into your power consists of, which is rebirth. If you think about it, our lives are shaped by a series of letting things in our lives and even parts of ourselves die and be reborn. It is one of the most powerful and sacred parts of being. If you should choose to make this a priority, please do so with the respect and reverence that it deserves.

The image on the card and the birth process itself are feminine. See if you can establish some sort of connection with the feminine aspect of the divine and within yourself, no matter what your vision of the divine is or your gender. The exact way that we go about it truly does not matter for…some will create a magic ritual, others will meditate, some will pray, and yet others will go about it in some other way which is meaningful to them.


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