New Views On Shadow Work and The Laws of Attraction

The past week has been very enlightening for me when it comes to the issues of attitude, law of attraction, shadow work, and negativity. I’ve had a tendency to take things to extremes when it comes to those types of things…well either that, or just throwing up my hands in confusion. I still stand by my assertion that we need to dip into our shadows (notice I say dip, not dwell) in order to find ourselves. I still stand by my assertion that it isn’t realistic to expect anyone to be all positive all the time.

Where my perspective has changed is in that I no longer believe that the goal of shadow work is to figure out the source of our trouble is with the end goal of making it go away or to permanently alter the effects. There was a part of me that always longed to find the source of my angst and to be able to completely work it out of my system, or to somehow be able to eliminate all negative effects of the past on my being. Then when I couldn’t manage that, I would feel guilty and blame myself for not being strong or enlightened enough to do it. This was so self sabotaging…not to mention limiting. Well, thanks to some very wise people and some time spent in reflection about this, my perspective has drastically been altered.

Not long ago I began doing forgiveness and parenting exercises…with myself. While these exercises proved to be immensely powerful, I was still finding myself somewhat mired down and making as much progress as I would have liked. My awareness was brought to those exercises over the past week in the form of some brilliant conversations as well as a recorded interview which I listened to. Read on for my epiphany.

It isn’t necessary for me to keep taking the thorn covered brambles out of the compost pile for yet another look. It isn’t necessary for me to never again have a negative thought in order for me to attract a better life. What shifted? I am now integrating those exercises in forgiveness and parenting into my daily life, yes…even the shadows…especially the shadows!

Do we ever reach a point where the ugly stuff never rears its head again? I don’t think so. We always carry at least part of our past around with us. So, when it does show its face are we somehow failing by acknowledging it? Not thinking so here either. As of right now, I think that healing can be found when we can look at those thoughts, parts of ourselves, and past experiences which we know are holding us back and causing us pain in the following way. To acknowledge that they are there, and then to forgive and love ourselves…and the feelings. The point of the exercises in my opinion is to stop the punishment cycle within ourselves by feeding love into the fear and pain…much like a good and caring mother kisses the boo-boos on her little one’s knees.

Over the years, my viewpoints and approaches to many things have changed. I can’t promise you that what I’ve written about today will not shift at some point in the future as I learn and grow more. One of my beliefs which has never changed is that I see each and every person who ever enters my life as a teacher of sorts, so please share your (constructive) thoughts on this. I would love to hear what you think.

If you’re feeling stuck, I would love to help you to make a similar shift in your life with an intuitive teaching session, please contact me through the readings and intuitive services page. I’ll be adding information about this new service very soon!

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