Card of the Day ~ July 24, 2015


This message of this card is every bit as dynamic as the image on it. Today is going to be a fantastic day to reach for the stars, as long as you stay balanced as you pursue your passions. You can master the principle of manifestation today, in a big way. Feel free to do things differently than the usual ways which haven’t been working so well for you, and step into a position of more power. Release the fears that have been holding you back. One thing to keep in mind however, is that there is a big difference between going for it and being careless or cocky.

2 thoughts on “Card of the Day ~ July 24, 2015

    • I found myself starting to feel stressed too, but then decided to deal with the way that I was feeling in a different way. I was also allowing some old fears and insecurities to come in. Once I recognized what was happening, I was able to allow the truth to come in…instead of the old way of thinking.

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