A Little Note From Me To You

Hello everyone ~ When I was out earlier this afternoon, the awesome girl at the produce store replied to my question of how her week was with, “Interesting”. She said it in such a tongue in cheek manner that I knew that she had experienced an odd week energetically. We talked about it a little, and she seemed to be a little relieved to see the week coming to an end so that she could retreat. I’ve seen a similar pattern all over the place; on social media, with friends and family, as well as in my own life. It’s sort of hard to put a finger on it…this week has just been a little off kilter. No, I’m not talking about all of the terrible things which have happened in the world in general either. That could be a post all on its own.

While I do not have the answer definitively, the best way that I can describe it is to say that there seems to be a major theme of evaluation and clarification…not to mention a boost in spiritual gifts and growth for many. The heightened charge has created some turmoil and tension in the air as well. I’m not sure how this has shown up in your life, but for some it has been a bit overwhelming.

It was a good week for me in many ways; with the resumption of some painting, getting some writing time in, and getting out and moving a little more. At the same time, my dreams have been very vivid, my intuition has seemed to be more active, and there has been a crackly vibe to things…neither good nor bad…just more intense than usual. All of this has led me to be ready to resume my internet free weekends.

Ever since the loss of my father last month, I’ve been on the internet off and on during the weekends. I just wasn’t ready for stillness. Now though, my soul is practically begging for it. The thought of spending the weekend old school style is making me smile just thinking about it. I’m ready to spend the sunset on my yoga ball at the window watching the glow sink down over the mountains with a nice pot of golden Assam and lemon verbena tea, breathing deeply as I let my hands trickle through a big bowl of stones. If my neighbor’s cat pays me a visit, that would be the icing on the cake. He’s such a sweet guy.

It’s simply time for me to unplug and recharge for the upcoming busy (in a good way) week. The cards will still be posted each day, but other than that…I’ll be absent from the online world from tonight through Monday morning. I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend, and that you can find something to do that rejuvenates you. I’d love to hear about some of the things that bring you back to your center.

2 thoughts on “A Little Note From Me To You

    • It was definitely a potent week, energetically JoJo. Things are going to stay stirred up for a little while as we go through a planetary adjustment phase. It can be difficult when things are being shaken up. I just keep reminding myself that it is an opportunity for me to release what no longer works and find new ways of thinking and doing things. It’s exciting, but a little scary…change always is. My weekend was good…thanks! Hope yours was too.

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