Card of the Day – July 13,2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.


Try to notice whether there are correlations between your dreams and waking hours. This would be a good time to start keeping a dream journal if you don’t already. This card is a signal that we are ready to take the next step in becoming our authentic selves and making our dreams come true. Our dreams at night can help us to figure out what we truly want and how to get there. Tap into your deepest consciousness to find your answers.

2 thoughts on “Card of the Day – July 13,2015

  1. I used to keep a dream journal but I just can’t seem to remember them upon waking anymore. Unless of course they are bad/sad/scary dreams. Those seem to stay with me all day.

    • I have hard time remembering most of them too. I actually sleep with my journal next to me, which seems to be helping. Just lost another one yesterday though…didn’t quite get alert enough in time to remember it all and before I could jot down what I did recall, I was interrupted. That happens a lot!

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