Competition Among Light Workers?

In my years of experience in this arena, I’ve always seen a competitive spirit among light workers as a destructive force. My belief is that there is enough for everyone…there is no need to sabotage one another or to try to steal someone else’s ideas and clients. I have personally referred people to other workers, because I knew that they could be better served by them due to their needs.

Those of us who are energy workers, healers, psychics, mediums, sensitives, and whatever else can go into this category have been given a tremendous gift. The understanding that many light workers have is the knowledge of how much power lies in collective thought and emotion. How can we possibly create the world which we wish to live in if we are working against one another?

While many of us operate in very similar ways and can do the same type of work, the fact remains that compatibility matters. You and another worker may both be able to channel those who have crossed over, but it might be that the other worker is the one who will be able to connect in such a way that will give someone what they need, in the way that they need to receive it….or it may be that you and the other worker combined will give that person what it is that they need to begin to heal and grow.

Yes, it is normal to desire to be successful. It is the ego, however which can lead us down the path of competition and greed. There truly is enough out there for everyone. We live in a very abundant universe which is in desperate need of the people who inhabit it to understand that. We all have so much to offer to those seeking answers…as well as to one another.

4 thoughts on “Competition Among Light Workers?

  1. It’s very much the same way in the crafting world. I don’t have time or the energy for being competitive. I just want us all to succeed.

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