Card of the Day ~ July 6, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.

1 Cups - The Well

Today will be a great day for emotional and creative expression, as well as communication with associates, loved ones, and spirit guides/ angels/ the divine. It will be easier than usual to dive deep into your depths in many aspects, including spiritually. As the image on the card indicates, unity and love will be important today. Trust yourself as you go along, listening to your intuition about who to trust and which step to take next. There is a lot of happiness which can be had today by dipping into your very core and looking past the superficial things. If you’ve been seeking clarity on some issue, you can tap into the energy of this day in order to help you to see what it is that you already know. This card also contains a lot of symmetry, so remember to stay balanced in your endeavors.

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