When Things Are Spinning Too Fast…

When things are spinning too fast, sometimes the best and only thing that we can do is to just stop for a while. There are times in everyone’s life when it becomes necessary to take a breath and settle into the moment. Little by little, I’ve been learning that there is a big difference between literally doing nothing and having nothing which is visible from the outside to show for our time. This week and several others in the past few months have been those kind of weeks. Nothing to show externally…no fun art work…no brilliant writing…no big progress on a few major projects.

During these externally quiet weeks however, there has been a lot going on. I’ve been sadly witnessing my father’s health fading, watching another family member be wracked with severe pain which to date has little to no relief, dealing with my own health issues, working my way through a few healing and growth programs, putting together plans for new programs and classes of my own, as well as refining the way that I work as an intuitive. What I have come to accept is that I simply need to put everything on hold at times of high stress and take care of myself more..to let stress melt into the background for a while and allow myself to relax and enjoy life a little. I’m also taking much better care of myself these days, as far as nutrition and getting adequate rest go.

As I’ve been lovingly and gently reminded…these standing still times are the times in which we are growing inside in order to manifest even better things on the outside. I know this to be true. I can much better serve others if I practice what I preach by taking care of myself, with no guilt for doing so. That is just what I’m doing right now. One of my favorite things to do lately is to sit in the open window on my yoga ball at sunset/dusk and breathe in the fresh air while visiting with the birds and sometimes the neighbor’s sweet cat or to sit on a wall in the alley to enjoy the breeze on my face as I watch the sun slip over the mountains.

I had much grander plans for this week, but there have been a few curve balls. So, I’ve managed to keep my appointments, but had to put said grander plans aside while I’ve dealt with other things and made more time to rest. My online time has been practically non-existent, which makes it tempting for me to break my internet free weekend rule…but I will not do it. I made that rule for an important reason and I’m sticking to it. As a matter of fact, it is imperative this weekend that I stick to that rule and simply recharge after a week of hard hitting stress. It is my hope that I will have a more outwardly productive week ahead. It pleases me to say that I will be perfectly fine if it isn’t too!

Are you remembering to take care of yourself?

4 thoughts on “When Things Are Spinning Too Fast…

  1. I’m trying to…as you know I have been going through a pretty hard time lately too. But I started therapy last week and I hope that it helps. I’m glad Mercury has gone direct. I’m really sorry about your dad though. 😦 Are you going to get to see him?

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe we can remind each other to take the time for ourselves. Love you like a tomato. 🙂

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