Internet Free Weekends For Me

This past weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning and decided…well more like listened to a gut instinct…to try going for the entire weekend without accessing the internet…no email, Facebook, Twitter, or blog…nothing. I went from Saturday late in the morning until just this morning. I decided to stay away from it on Monday as well because of the new moon and Mercury going retrograde…for me that just isn’t a productive combination. The longer I stayed away from the electronic world, the better I felt in so many ways. My muscles relaxed, my eyes didn’t hurt, my mind stopped its incessant chattering…I felt so much more connected to myself, the world around me…and even more clear and focused when working on my spiritual development and healing exercises. As a person who needs down time, away from a lot of external stimulus more than many, it stands to reason that being away from the internet a few days a week is a good move.

The non-stop onslaught of emails, newsletters, timelines, feeds, stories, videos, articles, and other miscellany is enough to make my head explode. When did living in the here and now without constant connection become not good enough? There’s a lot of great stuff on the internet for sure and I love being able to stay in touch with the people who matter to me no matter where they are. The question though is how much connection is healthy? I believe that the answer is different for everyone. However, I will make a blanket statement. I do not feel that the endless stream of stimulus and information is good for anyone. That’s right…I truly believe that we all need a break.

Are we really better off now that we know what everyone is doing every minute of every day? I think not. One has to wonder what we are doing to our minds and neural pathways by hardly ever letting them rest. Over the weekend I watched movies, read books, worked on some stuff that I never seem to have time for, and it was great. I didn’t work on any classes, I didn’t write, hell…I didn’t even paint. I just was, and I have to tell you that I’m already looking forward to doing it again next weekend.

Today I waded through my crammed inbox, got caught up on the materials for my painting class, and got somewhat caught up on social media. Before I did that though, I did something that I haven’t done in a good while. I got out for a few hours and walked the streets of downtown Asheville and I’m so glad that I did. Tomorrow I need to actually get some work done. The funny thing is that I feel more equipped than ever to be productive with my mind and body cleared. Do you have an opinion about the amount of information we expose ourselves to on a daily basis?

4 thoughts on “Internet Free Weekends For Me

  1. I think what you’ve done is brilliant and puts everything into balance. We spend too much time stuck in a virtual world and miss the here and now in front of us. I think what you are doing is very healthy. I have had to spend a lot of time at my Dad’s house of late and there is no internet there and it is fabulous to just turn off that part of the world. I certainly notice I’m less tired in the eyes and much more relaxed. 🙂

  2. When we first moved here, my computer’s power cord died and we couldn’t get an appointment for cable/internet installation for a couple of weeks so I was forced offline. It was hard to ‘miss out’ on stuff, that’s for sure but I did get a lot done in terms of unpacking, reading, doing stuff, etc. There is a lot of stimulus out there….as you know I’ve been dealing w/ some stuff that I’m not too happy about and seeing some of the stuff posted on Facebook has been very bad for my ongoing mental health. Back in the old days before internet, I wouldn’t have to be reminded of this particular issue on a daily basis.

    • JoJo, sounds like you definitely know what I mean. Yes, I do know about what you’ve been going through. Maybe you could use a little break from it all too? Or maybe there’s a way to block certain people? Sure hope that things are getting a little better.

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