NaPoWriMo Day 28 ~ Bridges

The prompt for NaPoWriMo is to write a poem about bridges, either literal or figurative.

The distance has always been great
The mountains have parted ever more
Until what was once a valley became a chasm
Craggy, razor-like sharpness lies between us
Raging waters run deep in this space
Tumultuous undercurrents have crumbled away the foundation
What was once the beginning of a beautiful span
One with more charm than the Chain across the Danube
Is now destroyed, lying in crumbled detritus forever
Never can it begin to be rebuilt, for now I see
That ours is a bridge to nowhere, the destination once coveted lies in the past

There is a future lying ahead, filled with bright promise
Far, far away from this pitch-dark expanse of hollow echoes
A place up ahead where the sun shines and flowers bloom
Across a sparkling sea and into rolling hills of green
Where illusions are shattered and magic is real
Leaving the broken bridges behind, I pass through the veil
Into a place where colors pop in technicolor brilliance
Where the air is sweet and love is spoken fluently
Never having to guess about the integrity of the ground upon which one stands
This wondrous realm is where my heart belongs, for I am once again whole
Let me dwell in this place in which truth stands tall and where dreams run free

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