NaPoWriMo Day 22 ~ In Honor of Earth Day

Today’s prompt for NaPoWriMo is to write a poem in honor of Earth day. The specific prompt was to write a pastoral, but the option to simply write a poem that engages with nature was mentioned as well. I am choosing to engage with nature in general.

Robin’s egg blue sky filled with suspended cotton ball clouds
The hazy mountains in the distance reach up to meet it majestically
In the early morning hours, the rolling pockets fog shroud the vales in secrecy
Gaia’s mysteries are many, most of which are perpetually unsolved
Like a grand dame of ages past, much of her appeal lies in her unknowns
We know not of her innermost workings, and yet are awed by her enchantments
Do not let her flower covered cloak fool you, for she is no shrinking violet
As with all ladies of substance she commands respect, but is given little
Sooner or later her gentle air gathers speed, growing ever more turbulent
Heed the warnings or suffer the consequences of an angry mother
The time has come for her children to repay her loving kindness
With the care and concern of which such a life giving beauty is worth.

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