Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the seeing of an unseen object, sometimes at a far distance using nothing more than the mind. While remote viewing has been used by many as a parlor trick, it has also been put to more serious use, including by the government, finding lost objects, and in criminal investigations. Even when used as a parlor trick, it is still astonishing that some people have the ability to clearly describe objects which they’ve never seen and locations which they’ve never visited.

Remote viewers have been used to view enemy technologies with some accuracy. They have also been used to help to solve crimes by finding objects or locations which hold strong clues and even the solution to cases. Many remote viewers report more than simply seeing a place or object. They report a full sensory experience in which they see, hear, smell, and feel things which they are viewing. This can be very disturbing for the viewer especially when they are helping to solve criminal cases.

While scientists have studied remote viewing and many have found that there is validity to it, they still cannot explain how it works and why only some people can do it. It has proven to be more reliable than many other of the so called paranormal abilities, but perhaps that is because it has more practical or what is seen as valuable uses than other phenomenon, and has therefore been studied more. Of course, not everyone in the scientific or law enforcement community believes in it, but there is a wider acceptance of it than there is of psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance.

To see artwork which goes with this work, click here to go to the blog of Evangeline who I am collaborating with for this year’s A to Z!

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