Queen Mary


The Queen Mary is a massive ocean liner which now rests in Long Beach Harbor in California. This ship took its maiden voyage in 1936, with the world’s rich and famous travelling in luxury aboard her for three years. Why the short lifespan as a luxury liner?

Well, it wasn’t because the massive vessel sank. It was because World War II broke out in 1939, and the ship was converted to carry troops. While performing this duty, the ship was nicknamed The Grey Ghost. During the war, the Queen Mary was used in just about every mission. After the war, the ship was used to transport the thousands of war brides back to the United States.

The end of the war was not the end of her story. The ship was converted back into a luxury liner and was used once more for cruises from 1947 through 1967. The Queen Mary was then sold to the city of Long Beach, CA for use as a maritime museum. The museum is still open today and also functions as a hotel…and is well known as being a haunted attraction.

With a history as long and as varied as the Queen Mary’s, it isn’t surprising to hear that there are tales of ghosts aboard. It is rumored that there are as many as 150 spirits roaming the ship. It is said that the ghosts of ladies and children show up around the no disused swimming pools wearing their swimwear. One of the children in particular is the ghost of a little girl named Jackie, who is said to have drowned in one of the ship’s two swimming pools.

Another of the famous ghosts of the ship is that of a young man who was crushed to death by a heavy metal door down in the engine room. He is among three people who met their demise in the same manner. The young sailor in question is seen to be seen walking down there, before disappearing behind the door.

People report all sorts of strange occurrences aboard the Queen Mary including sighting apparitions, hearing footsteps, hearing voices, and water and lights turning on by themselves. The luxury liner is believed by some to be among the most haunted locations in existence.

To see artwork which goes with this work, click here to go to the blog of Evangeline who I am collaborating with for this year’s A to Z!


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