NaPoWriMo Day 18 ~ I’ve Got To Tell Them

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem which involves an urgent journey and an important message. The prompt was written in honor of Paul Revere’s midnight ride 240 years ago, but the poem was not required to be…so mine isn’t.

Through the night I swiftly sail, over mountains down into pitch dark valleys
In just a little while they will be leaving for the summer
There is so much that has been said…and even more that hasn’t
Little to keep me awake but the rush of cold air coming through the window
This place is so remote that the radio only picks up religious stations and country music
The howling wind is preferable to being told that I’m going to hell
Or hearing reminders of how sad life can be accompanied by a twanging guitar
I press my foot down on the gas pedal harder, time is going too fast
And the miles are passing by ever so slowly as I make my way to my old home
We hadn’t spoken in months, but I’ve been checking in on them through family
It was just this evening that I learned about their early morning departure
I can’t let them leave this way, not with our last words being so harsh
What if something happened and we never had a chance to make things right?
Yes, my parting words were that I never wanted to see them again
Even though I didn’t even really mean it at the time, I had said it
Anger had taken over and the words flew out of my mouth as I slammed out the door
It was maddening to be reminded of shameful things…of the very worst I’d ever done
Their ammunition of choice couldn’t have been selected more carefully for maximum damage
Nonetheless, I love them and can’t leave things on such bad terms for another three months
Just as I rapidly crest the last hill, the sky begins to lighten and my heart pounds
Even though I’m on a long descent I press even harder, picking up speed
I’m glad that it’s dark so that I can’t see how fast the world is blurring by
My breath catches as I see them getting into the car and I blow my horn
Jumping from behind the wheel I rush to throw my arms around them both
Exclaiming words of love and regret, telling them how much I’d missed them
Through my tears, I told them how I had driven all night
Not being able to bear the prospect of more months of silence
They shared a smile as they took their bags out of their car
Leading me back into the house, they said that their trip could wait until tomorrow
They had been coming to see me after all.


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