Out Of Body Experience

This is another of those topics for which tales reach far back into history. Most commonly today, we think of the stories of people who have been on an operating table getting a surgery reporting being up above their bodies watching the procedure. The stories are countless and seem to share common traits.

Not only do the people who have these experiences see what is happening, but many also hear conversations in the operating room which have been verified later. Skeptics believe that these experiences are simply an effect of anesthesia. While I could agree that it might be possible for the person to pick up and retain parts of a conversation, it certainly doesn’t explain what they see from a vantage point above their bodies.

In addition to instances which have happened during surgery, there have also been stories about similar occurrences after an accident. Some people who have been involved in serious accidents, which resulted in unconsciousness recount being up above their bodies seeing themselves injured. Not only that, but they tell of seeing paramedics and other rescue workers on the scene.

This is another one of those fascinating and unexplained thing for which there is no certain explanation. Some believe it to be hallucinations, while others believe it to be possible proof of life after death…the continuity of the spirit. There was a study in 2014 on a woman who claims to be able to go into an out-of-body state at will. When researchers took brain images, the result showed that she had a deactivation of the visual cortex of the brain. This puts forth yet another theory, which is that these occurrences are some sort of neurological event. Maybe some day we will know for sure what these experiences really are, but I wonder…

To see artwork which goes with this work, click here to go to the blog of Evangeline who I am collaborating with for this year’s A to Z!


8 thoughts on “Out Of Body Experience

  1. That is pretty cool, anyone who has had that happen to them. I would love to have it happen (although I swear it did at a couple of Dead shows but that was probably the weed. lol)

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