NaPoWriMo Day 17 ~ Social Media

The prompt for NaPoWriMo today is to write a “social media style” poem. I had some resistance to this because I have some issues with social media in general…mainly the importance which people have started to give to the smallest details of their daily life. So, I decided to go with a parody of sorts.

Boss is going to be mad…slept through the alarm again
BTW, here’s another pic of my breakfast too bad I ran out of rye bread. Guess it’ll be wheat
Stuck in traffic now…fender bender ahead! Why can’t people focus on the road?
Made it through the morning lecture on tardiness. Would it be wrong to have a martini for lunch?
BTW, here’s a pic of my yummy lunch. This place has the best guacamole
Ugh! Boss just called a meeting. Why?!?!?!
Headed out for drinks with the girls. Yay for 5 o’clock
Have you ever seen a bigger margarita??
2 a.m. just getting home awww at least the cat loves me
BTW isn’t she cute curled up on my chair?
Shouldn’t have skipped dinner…must haz cheezburger
Oh…make the room stop spinning LOL

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