NaPoWriMo Day 16 ~ Terzanelle

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a terzanelle.

The form goes like this
fAFA or fFAA.

When the whole world stills and I walk in the snow
My mind will forever drift to thoughts of you
Such deep coldness seeps into my bones, the type I’ve never before known

Some memories are good ones and others so blue
Sunny days with you up on the hill, and now I’m alone in my room with icy rain streaming
So long ago it was that you took wing like a bird, and away you flew

The sparkles in the snow remind me of your eyes when you laughed, so brightly gleaming
Your laughter streams through my mind and still makes me smile
Missing you sometimes leaves my heart with sorrow teeming

It seems so unfair that you couldn’t have stayed longer, just for a while
Perhaps we’ll meet again someday when the time is right
In the meantime, when I feel this loneliness, I walk for miles

The love that you left behind is something that I hold tight
Though sometimes it is hard to feel it beyond the despair
Your voice plays in my head, telling me that it will be alright

Some days I get angry and think that it isn’t at all fair
But it is the circle of things, that much I know
The coldness melts away, and warmth once more touches the air
Time marches on into Spring and new life again grows


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