A medium is a person who claims to communicate with the spirits of people who have died. I would guess that more than 90% of us have at least heard of mediums. People have consulted with mediums for as far back as human history have been recorded. Even today there is a lot of controversy around the subject, but there seems to be more openness than in the past for the most part. There are some who believe that mediums are fake, and others who believe that they are to be avoided due to the belief that mediums are in league with a negative energy/entity.

I myself have witnessed a few instances in which it seemed that a medium had a real connection with some unknown entity. Admittedly, it is an astonishing occurrence. I just do not know how or why some people seem to have access to information that others do not. Being raised in a strict religious environment I was taught, as many of us have, that nothing good could come from a medium. As I grew older, I broadened my horizons. It isn’t that I do not believe in negative energies, I just do not feel comfortable in making judgments about things without evidence. Let me be clear, in case I haven’t been, that I fully believe in the paranormal. My uncertainty lies in the source of many things, and that’s okay with me. Certain things remain in mystery for our entire lifetime and we have to be willing to accept that there isn’t always an answer. Okay…we don’t have to do anything…that was my opinion.

More often though, I have heard those claiming to be mediums asking leading questions or giving open-ended information until they basically get the person that they are doing a reading for to lead them in the right direction. While in the end, this sort of ‘reading’ might bring some comfort or closure for the person receiving the reading, I find it highly objectionable. I would even go so far as to say that I find it predatory. While many people go to a medium for entertainment or guidance, more seek out a medium in times of personal crisis. To any medium who feels justified in giving readings with no foundation in the paranormal because of the ‘comfort’ that they are providing…I say, do it for free then.

I believe that it is okay for a person to charge money for services rendered, but not under misleading circumstances. As stated earlier, I have personally witnessed instances of true abilities and I support and appreciate those people. We’ve all heard stories about mediums who have helped solve missing persons cases with startling accuracy. I do not see how something like that could come from a negative source, but that is my opinion. Far be it from me to disbelieve in what some might view as being far out…I’m a big fan of far out…I’m just an even bigger fan of keeping it real.

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8 thoughts on “Mediums

  1. My problem with mediums is that I’ve never got a clear answer. Nothing definitive that could make me say, “Yes! That was definitely so and so” I think that when people are low they try and make anything a medium says fit to make them feel better. I’d love to see a real one that can give me straight up, in your face answers.

    • Yes it is hard to find one like that. I did have one reading with one who was awesome one time. She pulled stuff out that blew my mind…like a nickname that an old boyfriend who had died called me that no one knew…and there was other stuff too. I have had some pretty good flashes to share with people in readings but it is not a guarantee, which is why I never call myself a medium…I just consider it an added bonus if something comes through.

  2. My cousin gave me a taped session of her with a medium or psychic. She was gushing to me how spot on it was and how blown away I was going to be. The more I listened, the more I could not believe the generalties and leading questions and how much Diane was telegraphing right back to her with additional details. I thought this particular person was total bunk and had ripped off Diane, but Diane wanted to believe it soooooo bad that she was actually crying on the tape. So she and I decided to agree to disagree on the woman’s abilities.

  3. I went to a medium a few months ago and I couldn’t believe the things she told me that made sense! The session was tape recorded but I can’t hear it because there is a lot of interference, static sounds. I plan on writing a blog about my visit with this medium but I would have really liked to have added this tape recording. I’m thinking of taking it somewhere to see if something can be done so that I can hear it.

    • Too bad about the tape. Could have been too much spirit energy for the recording to come out. There may be more than just the medium’s voice on there is you listen closely. Can’t wait to read about your experience!

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