NaPoWriMo Day 14 ~ A Dialogue

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem which is a dialogue. My dialogue will be one between the soul and the ego.


Everything is always so difficult, as though life is one long struggle
No matter which direction I look in there is trouble, suffering, lack
The stress is making it hard for me to focus on anything
Why do I have to fight so much just to get through the day?


Sure things get difficult from time to time, but only in that moment
Instead of only seeing the trouble you could also see that beauty and love are everywhere too
When you can’t focus, that is me telling you that it is time to let go and just breathe for a while
You do not have to fight my dear…simply show up and do your best


That’s easy to say when things are going well, but my life is a wreck right now
Money is tight, health issues abound, and my love life is non-existent
That breathing thing is a little difficult when my shoulders are up around my ears
Hmm…just show up and do my best…what if it isn’t good enough?


Pay attention! Old buildings have to be leveled to make room for newer, better ones
Money is relative, health issues go along with these human bodies, and love? Well dear, love yourself first
Try breathing and see if those shoulders don’t just come back down to their normal place, just try it
Your best is always good enough and you are the only judge of what that is…remember that


Wow you’re right, keeping a crumbling building around isn’t a good idea
True on the money and health too! As for loving self first…I tell others to do that all the time
After I slowed down and took some breaths, my shoulders came right down and my mind stilled
Yes, why do I care so much what others think that I should be doing? How freeing


See, you have to allow yourself to grow and sometimes it hurts
Ups and downs will happen, the lesson is in learning to care for yourself along the way
No matter how bad things are just remember that change is inevitable, so just hang on
As for what others think love…that is none of your business

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