NaPoWriMo Day 12 ~ My Favorite Room

Okay, for the first time in days I am writing this poem on the correct day! Here’s to staying healthy enough to stay current for the rest of the month…well longer than that. Today’s prompt which is to describe something in great detail can be found here.

Sunlight streams in through large, yet old and leaky windows in this century old place
Highlighting the pieces of art hanging on the walls, as well as the one still on the easel
Pops of color abound in this room with hardly a surface being dull or plain
The plants in the corner and colorful ancestral tapestry blend with paintings
Bright spines of books of all kinds await me in overflowing bookcases and stacks
The lazy Susan on the dining table/art studio holds the toys of my trade
Brushes, glue sticks, adhesives, pens, rollers, and brayers galore live there
I don’t care how lazy Susan is…she’s okay in my book, holding all those goodies

A comfy sofa and rocking chair are also in this space, my many rooms in one
Sometimes I sit on a cushion in front of the couch and make mandalas at the coffee table
This small space holds my favorite things and sometimes my favorite people
My haven and sometimes sanctuary where candles and incense burn
Meditating in front of the open window, with my yoga ball as my perch
While this little abode is nothing fancy, it finally feels like me
After living many years almost like a gypsy, moving from place to place
Oddly enough settling in for a while makes me feel even more free

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