NaPoWriMo Day 11 ~ Dream Of A Fair At The Lake

Okay, today will get me caught up in NaPoWriMo…only two poems to write today! After reading yesterday’s prompt, I decided to break from the NaPoWriMo site, because I am not a fan of the form suggested, which was Sapphics. Instead I found some poetry prompts at Creative Writing Now. One particular prompt jumped out at me right away because of a very vivid dream that I had several years ago that I’ve never forgotten.

The prompt is: Write a poem based on a dream you had. Try to reproduce the sensations of the dream.

Banners and flags of many colors flap in the gentle breeze
Adding to the already festive scene of tents and booths
Dotted along the shore of the sparkling blue waters of the lake
Tables covered with brightly hued cards and gem stones
Waiting to foretell the future and guide seeking feet along on their paths
The sun is warm and golden against my skin as my eyes seek for the right one
I know that I’ll recognize it when I see it, for I dreamed of it the night before
Dreams within dreams of a multicolored table covering made of jewel hued squares
Cared for by a woman with hair colored as a raven’s feathers in the sun

There it is up ahead! My heart fills with excitement and I grab my sister’s hand
As we round the curve in the path, a woman steps in front of me and hands me a package
We sit on a bench to unwrap it, and inside is a roasted pepper as long as my forearm
The lady who handed it to me turned back to us and said “do not eat the seeds unless you want to see”
Before we could ask her what we would see, she was gone
My sister smiled and suggested that we try the pepper and perhaps a seed or two
It was slightly bitter, leaving behind a sourness tinged with the smoke of a fire

When we opened our eyes, the colors around us had gotten more vivid
The grass greener, the sky more blue, and oh the stones…how they now glistened
As we made our way to the table covered in squares, we stopped in our tracks
To the right there shone a dagger made of the clearest crystal, topped with finely polished silver
In that instant, I knew that it was meant to be mine before I went anywhere else
I placed it into the pocket in my skirt and we made our way to the black haired woman
She rose in a cloud of incense smoke as we neared her and smiled in recognition
Taking one of each of our hands in hers, she said that she had dreamed of us too
When she let go she reached under her counter and handed us a journal
In it she had written that she knew that the sisters were coming, even what we looked like

Reaching beneath her counter again, she took out a large crystal orb and placed it in my sister’s hand
Then she turned to me with her wise smile and told me to take the dagger out of my pocket
After I withdrew the cool crystal, she took my hand and touched the tip to the orb
All of the colors of the rainbow danced and swirled in the orb before settling into imagery
We saw before us a scene in which we saw ourselves somewhere unfamiliar, and yet it was home
Embracing us she smiled and said, “Now, you have seen it and have the way to find it”.
We turned away and continued to walk along the lake path in silence for a while
“Someday, the path will be further illuminated and the way will become clear”
Those were the words which were playing in my mind as my eyes fluttered open to greet the morning.

4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 11 ~ Dream Of A Fair At The Lake

  1. I’m smiling as I read this. This sounds so familiar. Like I have been there. It gives me chills but in a good way. πŸ™‚

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