NaPoWriMo Day 7 ~ Money

First, I will apologize to all of you for the multiple posts today. I’ve been sick and am trying to catch up before I get even further behind. I will also apologize in advance if the work isn’t my best…as I’m still not feeling well. The prompt for day 7 can be found here.

Money is one of those things that we all must have
No matter how we feel about it, our culture demands it
There are some who have amassed fortunes, while others barely get by
The have not side often envies the wealth of the rich
While the rich look down their noses and scoff at those without
It saddens me to see a divide among people over slips of paper and metal disks
There is enough to go around if we could only see one another as fellow humans
And let go of the judgements over who has more and who has less
Is our love for one another so shallow…so trivial?

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