The dictionary defines a ghost as a disembodied soul, especially that of a dead person who still inhabits the world of the living in some way. Sometimes ghosts make themselves visible, and other times they let people know that they are around by other means. One of the most common ways that people are aware of a ghostly presence without seeing them are by smelling scents such as perfume, cigarettes, cooking food, or other smells.

Just like faeries, not all people believe in ghosts, although more people seem to believe in ghosts than other kinds of ethereal beings. Spirits come in several types. There are those who relive a scene from their lives unaware of the presence of the living. Another kind are ones who stay around in order to try to get someone to understand something, whether it is how they died or to show them where they left something important. Still another are the ones who are simply attached to the place that they lived their life and do not wish to leave.

Last but not least, there is the type of ghost which is decidedly unfriendly. They may be around to seek revenge on someone still living or just be a harmful spirit in general. Perhaps they were not a nice person in life. These malignant entities have been known to scare people badly, and even to cause physical harm by shoving people down stairs or by other means. Some people are unhappy with having any type of ghostly activity in their surroundings, but many will coexist with those who aren’t wreaking havoc.

This is another one of those situations where whether you believe or not, the stories are fascinating. In recent years, the amount of interest in the paranormal has become evident with the amount of popular television shows in which people seek evidence of the existence of ghosts. One of the things which people say is possible evidence of the presence of a ghost are orbs in photographs, such as this one that I took about five years ago in an old cemetery in West Virginia. Bethany Cemetery 10-10-10 026 This is one post in which I will give my personal opinion. While I cannot say for sure how it all works and why some people stick around while others don’t…I do believe that ghosts exist. I’ve seen too many things not to.

To see artwork which goes with this work, click here to go to the blog of Evangeline who I am collaborating with for this year’s A to Z!

6 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. What an interesting post! I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a ghost but I definitely feel the presence of or remember frequently people I’ve known who have passed on. Great post for the A-to-Z challenge!

    • Hello Jeanette, thank you for stopping by! As for not seeing, but sensing…I think that these types of abilities or experiences vary by the person…and that each way is just as amazing.

  2. I think ghosts exist too. I love that show ‘A Haunting’. But the only way that I will believe that those experiences are real is if they attempt to have a priest banish the spirits in the name of god, and the hauntings don’t stop. If they do stop after the priest, then I don’t believe it was real at all.

    • JoJo…I love that show! It usually manages to creep me out more than other shows of its kind. Interesting take on the banishing. I’d love to hear how you’ve reached your conclusion. Would you mind emailing me and giving me your opinion?

  3. I always think, if ghosts exist then why haven’t any of my family members who have passed come back to see me? I think I can get my head around energy and maybe replaying of apparitions but I’m not sure if there are real ghosts or not. I’m yet to be swayed. I’m enjoying this A-Z 🙂

    • I know what you mean Jules. I have seen apparitions…more than one…but have wondered about the true nature of them. I was once visited by my grandmother and it really seemed to be her…but who knows.

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