NaPoWriMo Day 4 ~ “Loveless” Love Poem

The prompt at NaPoWriMo is to write a love poem without the typical language which goes along with them.

Each day on my stroll, I see them sitting there
Gray and wrinkled, they look to be about 90 years old
She is fragile and sweetly smiles at him as he puts the sweater around her shoulders
In that moment her face softens and she tenderly touches his cheek

They quietly live in their own little world on that bench under the oak
Speaking barely above a whisper as they reminisce about the last 54 years
Their crepey hands both reach for the peanuts that they are feeding to the squirrels
In the moment that their fingers touch, their eyes meet, and the years melt away before my eyes

He bends to plant a loving kiss and she leans in to meet his lips
And they fully transform into a pair of young lovers, with stars in their eyes
My mind swoons with delight as I witness such a beautiful moment
So this is what it looks like when you find the other half of your soul

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