Deathbed Visitations

There have been stories about deathbed visitations going back far into human history, perhaps all the way back to the beginnings. When a person is close to death either from an illness or simply advanced age, many receive visits from loved ones, both family and friends, who have already passed. A majority of these visitations are positive ones in which the dying person receives comfort about leaving their physical existence, knowing that they will soon be reunited with loved ones which they had lost. It is also a comfort, knowing that those who have died have at least some ability to watch over those of us who are still around.

As stated above, most of these visitations are positive and comforting. However, there are some which are not. Some people, typically ones who have done terrible things in their lives, see things which frighten them instead of things which give them comfort. By terrible, I’m not talking about the usual things which could have been done better which we all have some of. I mean truly terrible…criminal things, violent things. They usually either do not relate exactly what they are seeing or they describe dark, scary looking beings. Personally , I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to have this type of vision right before death.

Who knows exactly what happens after we die. I personally believe that there is more to come after we leave this life, but I do not have the vaguest idea of what it is. There are a lot of ideas and theories out there, and yes I have entertained some of them. I just haven’t made any conclusions. As for deathbed visitations, some people say that these are hallucinations. I cannot dismiss them as such both because I have heard so many stories, and due to my own experiences with the paranormal. There are too many stories, which are way too alike for me to call them hallucinations or wishful thinking on the part of the dying.

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13 thoughts on “Deathbed Visitations

  1. I can see taking comfort in seeing loved ones who have passed on before you but sure wouldn’t want to see anything scary. I hope to have a long time before I have to worry about this.

  2. What a wonderful post. It truly gives you room for some inner thought process. Maybe make some people change their ways. You know…stinkin thinkin…and all that!! LOL. In all seriousness, it is something to think about.

  3. It would be nice if there was an afterlife but I think that when you die, your brain just starts to short circuit and images flash through it…maybe the things you want or hope to see afterwards are what your brain starts to show you. There are people who have passed on who I would prefer NOT to meet in the afterlife….how does that even work? How do you avoid them there? Or are you just not able to conjure up feelings of rejection and anger seeing them again?

    • And there you have it JoJo…the questions that no one has answers to until the time comes. I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if it is real…how does it work…now it is an interesting thought but I know that the answers are not for me to have right now and maybe never will be.

  4. When my dad was dying he kept saying that he had to catch the dog. After his death I was told that when he was younger his grandmother had a dog that was a bit wild and would constitutionally get away and my dad would always catch the dog and bring it back home. I have often wondered if the dog was there, only no one could see it except my dad.

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