Crisis Apparitions

A crisis apparition is an apparition that appears either at the time of death or when someone is seriously ill or injured. There have been many accounts of people being awakened at night by a loved one, only to find out the next day that the person had died right at the time that they were woken up. While a great deal of time of death apparitions occur at the time of death, some do not appear until a day or two later.

Instances of crisis apparitions of those who are seriously ill or injured are also fairly common. There is one story from my personal experience which I will relate. When I was a teenager, my grandfather was in a nursing home recovering from a surgery. I was awakened at around 3 one morning with a sharp pain in my leg and an image of grandpa’s face. I tried to brush it off as a dream, but could not. It was too vivid and felt too real. So, I picked up the phone and called the facility fully expecting to be treated like I had lost my mind. When I asked if my grandfather was okay, a nurse came to the phone and let me know that he had fallen out of bed and got a gash in his leg, and that they were taking him to the hospital for a few stitches. She didn’t treat me as though I had lost my mind, but she definitely treated me as though I was creepy. Fine by me.

I have heard several stories of this nature, both related to me in person and also while watching TV shows and reading books. While all paranormal stories fascinate me, this particular type has fascinated me more than most. I guess it’s something about the fact that people in physical distress or in a dying state reach out to loved ones somehow…that it is an active, telepathic form of communication from person to person or spirit to person.

Have any stories of your own?

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10 thoughts on “Crisis Apparitions

  1. Not quite the same, but – my cousin lost a heart-shaped necklace that my mum and dad had given her when she was my bridesmaid. My mum dreamed that night that it was inside a book, and told her when she next saw her. My cousin went upstairs and looked at the books she had been reading over previous weeks – and from one of them, out fell the necklace. My mum was hardly ever there, and certainly hadn’t seen her reading, as did it in bed! Also, we used to live east of London – one day we drove home from work (in London) and as my husband parked outside our house to get his wallet so we could go shopping, i said – can you bring me the letter on the mat, it’s from my cousin. Now, we left for work at 6 in the morning, the post arrived at 11, and we were an hour away from London. I had only met this cousin once when I was 6, as she lived so far away. but sure enough, she had written to me. She had never, ever written to me before. We’ve kept up the correspondence, mainly at Christmas, but i still can’t explain this!

    • Liz, those accounts are incredible! I love hearing about this sort of thing. It’s really amazing that your mother was able to dream about the necklace to help her to find it. As for the letter from your cousin…wow! For one, your knowing that it was even there is amazing…and to have not heard from her for all those years! Hope it was good news.

    • Haha Jules~ Though completely unnerving at first, encountering the apparition of a loved one has been known to be of comfort to some…after they’ve changed their clothing of course 😉

  2. Well the only one I can think of was Christmas Eve of 2003. I dreamt that my dad called me and said ‘I sent you that thing that you wanted’. I was yelling into the phone, ‘Dad! Dad! What? Don’t go!’ but he was gone. I was so creeped out; he had passed away that June. I woke up very shaken, and immediately told Brian about it. Couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. What did it mean? So the next day we were opening gifts and I got to one my mom sent. It was a cobalt blue liquor decanter that said ‘Christmas 1979’. I had coveted that bottle since they got it in 1979. My jaw dropped, my eyes popped out of my head and filled with tears and Brian’s like, ‘what? what is it?’ And I told him and he was like, ‘holy shit….your dream….’ and I said, ‘I know’. I know when I was there that summer for his funeral I was cleaning out their out-building, a recreation type place, that had become a dumping ground for storage stuff. That’s where they had their bottle collection and I am sure I said in passing to my mom, ‘I always loved that bottle’, but I never expected her to send it.

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