Even Though

Lately there have been so many difficult things

Which I’ve seen, heard, thought, and felt with all of my being

That it would almost be easier to throw my hands in the air and surrender

To feelings of futility and hopeless despair, perhaps even becoming embittered

There for a little while, there was a temptation to give in and give up

Then in one fluid motion, the floodgates of my heart opened

Making a decision to live joyously and savor each moment

Even though life sometimes feels unfair and there are more questions than answers

I woke up this day with breath in my body and the ability to decide how to feel

Sure, I could cry about the hardships of people dear to my heart

Or enfold them in love and enjoy them with all that I’ve got

Rage against the universe for the pain which haunts me each day

Instead, I choose to breathe my way through it gently as I continue to live

So many things which could bring each of us to our knees in sorrow

Yet even more to fill ourselves with gratitude


6 thoughts on “Even Though

  1. Nicely said Tracy! I try to wake up with gratitude too…..hard lately with all this snow…I suppose I’m grateful for the plows even though they kept me awake all night.

    • Thank you JoJo! It has been a little difficult for me sometimes lately too, but I have a practice that I write down five things that I am grateful for every day before I even get out of bed. Sometimes I really have to reach far but I always manage lol. I often word those ones just like you did about the plows. Well done! 😀

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