The Subjectivity of Definitions

The past few months have been pretty eventful both for me personally and in my close family. There is plenty of stuff that I could tell you to demonstrate that, but I do not want this to turn into one of those posts which will bring forth sympathy. Instead, I wish to bring the focus to what all of this has been teaching me…or perhaps I should say further instilling in me.

While the title of this might be vague, the post will not be. I’m not much into vagueness. Ask anyone who knows me. There is a time and place for making people guess, but I like to reserve that more for certain types of fiction and sometimes in my art. Not when making a point or when trying to convey something of importance. Why make people wonder what you are talking about?

So, I’ll explain. The main thing that I am talking about here is living life to the fullest. None of us know how many days or even hours we have left, so I am in full agreement that we make the most of however much time it is. This is where the subjectivity part comes in. Who gets to define what the fullest is? What should it look like? What do we have to do to be really living?

Well, I’m not sure about you, but I think that this means whatever the person living that life thinks that it means. Otherwise, you have people who are doing the most and the best that they can do walking around feeling like failures because someone else is out there skydiving, exploring the rain forest, travelling the world, or whatever. Now don’t get me wrong, those are perfectly cool things. The point however, is that people are working with different abilities, capabilities, comfort levels, financial situations, etc.

What it boils down to is that each of us is doing things that truly make us happy or give us a sense of comfort. Whether you are a social butterfly or loner, healthy or sick, poor or rich, coupled or single, or whatever else you can think of…there is always something you can do which constitutes living life to the fullest. If what you really want to do today is to curl up in a comfy spot and read a book, so be it. If you have the means and feel like taking off to Italy for dinner tonight, so be it. If all you are capable of today is watching a good movie because you aren’t well, so be it. These are all things which make up a life.

I guess I just wanted to demonstrate how subjective it really is. For each person, what it means to live life to the fullest is different and only that person knows whether they really are doing so or not. I have felt guilty in the past for not having done things differently or because I felt like I should have done more. I am learning that it is more about state of mind than what we actually do. Really it is. Things can’t always be perfect…some days are just not good days, and that’s okay too. However, on most days there is at least something which we can do to feel alive…no matter how big or small it might seem to someone else. There are days that I stay in my pajamas on the couch all day and sketch or work in a little art journal. Today, it is noon and I am still sitting in bed writing…and there’s nowhere else I wanted to be and nothing else I wanted to do.

10 thoughts on “The Subjectivity of Definitions

  1. Love you so much sister. We are going to make it through this together, and you are correct. Whatever happiness and living life mean to each individual is very meaningful to me right now.

    • Aww I love you too sis. Yes, we are going to make it through all of this together. I think that recent times have really shown both of us how true it is that there are all kinds of ways to live and be happy. I’m glad that you and I share so much…both good and bad…with each other. ❤

    • You’re right Auntie…it is living! Guess I need to make my way to the dark chocolate that I bought at Trader Joe’s a few days ago. Thanks for reminding me about it 😀

      Glad you liked the post. ❤

  2. Hey if you need someone to talk to, inbox me on email or FB! I hope things work out for you and your family! I would like to live more life to the fullest but the lack of money and this horrible winter has put a huge crimp in that.

    • Thank you so much JoJo. I will remember your kind offer. Life has a way of putting a crimp in things. Not sure about you, but some of the best times that I’ve ever had were doing the simplest things

  3. A very well made point, Tracy. I sometimes think or feel like I should be paragliding or bungee jumping off a cliff or excelling myself at something with blood, sweat and tears in order to be living to the fullest, but that’s not true; you’re right, it is subjective and it’s about what that person feels it is. Thank you. Now I don’t feel so bad about sitting here reading a magazine and eating a mars bar cos that’s what I feel like today!

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