Beeswax Abstract

While I was having a long overdue conversation with my best friend, I was also painting. My first attempt tonight was admittedly a failed transfer attempt. Then I got out this little panel that I had gessoed over last week, and started playing. I dabbed on some red and blue, but I wanted a different look on top of those layers and could not, for the life of me find this weird mesh piece of plastic that I found months ago. Then, I rudely interrupted my friend because a beeswax candle caught my attention. I decided to play with rolling it around in paint. After I dabbed and rolled, I took some violet watercolor and made a thin wash, which I dabbed over the bare spots and this is what I got…the other canvas will have to wait.



8 thoughts on “Beeswax Abstract

  1. And look what happened….I love it when random ideas come to you all of a sudden! And what a result! I love it – I’m a big fan of black and red and texture, as you know. That needs to go straight on a wall. What are you calling it?

    • Random is the best Jules! My friend and I were talking about that very thing…grabbing a canvas and all your paint with no plan in mind. I’m so glad you love it. I was really happy with the result. Hmmm what am I calling it? No clue yet. Any suggestions?

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