It isn’t often that I create rhyming poetry, but today…it is what came.

The heart cries out for love, sweet love
But from where shall it arrive?
Perhaps it will float down on wings from above

Amor is that special feeling which lets us know we’re alive
It makes the world fill with light and sets souls afire
Indeed none can be without it for long and expect to survive

What is one to do when slogging through a bleak and heavy mire?
Surrendering to the darkness of its absence may seem within reason
Do not listen to that nonsense, for that voice is a liar

Even the best of us have fallen prey to the worst sort of treason
In the form of untruths and betrayals of trust by one held dear
Just remember darling that this pain only lasts but a season

It may feel safer to allow no one to draw near
Feel what you must for a while, yet refuse to linger there
The heart will cry out for love ceaselessly, until you finally hear

Never let your heart harden ’till you no longer care
Go within and find love, go outside and find beauty
Even when love feels as though gone, it is always right there.

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