New Painting

Below is a photo of my latest painting. It is a mixed media piece using acrylic, watercolor, and gel medium. This was my first time doing transfers. I used an original painting of a butterfly which I did last year and a cool old piece of wallpaper. I made color copies of the originals and then used the gel medium and a brayer to put the images onto the canvas. After I got everything transferred I watered down some acrylic paint to do a wash of sorts. Then, I decided to take some watercolors and create a sun. I used the leftover watercolor from the sun, watered it down to a very thin consistency and did a light wash over the existing green wash in a graded brightness…going from brighter to lighter from top to bottom. After that was finished, my final step was to take a pre-cut sheet of circles/bubbles and used a sponge brush with some thinned down off white acrylic to create the top layer. Once the painting was dry, I took it into the alley and used a matte clear coat Krylon spray to seal it all in.


6 thoughts on “New Painting

  1. Thank you JoJo! I really love this piece too. It is one of my favorites to date. Learning and playing with new materials is so much fun. Hope that you are having some fun creating too…and that you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hello tracy! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a bit… forgive me. Hope you had a great Christmas. Loving the mixed media piece. Particularly like that you’ve covered the pictures with a final, pre cut piece as it gives it a more surreal and abstract feel. Way to go Miss Talented!

    • No need to be sorry lovely Jules! Being AWOL sounds nice. My Christmas was fantastic. Hope yours was too. Thanks about the art…so glad that you liked it. I’m looking forward to playing a lot more. Just made it over to your blog…sounds like you’ve been up to more mischief. Yay you 😀

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