Seeing Clearly By The Edge Of The Sea

Below is a short piece inspired by another prompt. The prompt was to put yourself an an ideal place and go outward in an expanding bubble.


I’m at the edge of the sea, with the sand between my toes. The cool, frothy waves glide over the tops of my feet, washing the sand away before depositing more. My shoulders are warmed by the glow of the sun and the salty breeze lifts my hair. I take a deep breath of the deliciously tangy air. My heart feels like it is being wrapped in love, yet there is also a feeling of wild abandon. All is well with the world and anything is possible, but nothing matters because everything is perfect just as it is.

I can hear kids playing behind me. A little boy rushes knee deep into the water to fill his bucket with water for the sand castle he is building. As soon as his bucket is full, he toddles back with his heavy load, beaming with joy. The gulls shrill overhead as they careen. They may be feathered scavengers patrolling for crumbs, but the sight and sound of them fills me with happiness. I feel so buoyant that it is as though I could push off and join them up there. Scattered down the beach are other people. In this place, we are all like child buddhas.

The wind rustles the sea oats and palms like a whisper on the dunes, and the waves clang the buoys out where the surfers await their next ride. I see the silver flashes of schools of fish in the sun dappled swells. There’s a kite way up in the sky, its tails whirling around it like a Chinese dragon. Out on the horizon is a ship, shrunken to the size of a toy by the vast distance between us.

Standing here at the edge of the sea, I realize how small I am. At the same time my soul fills with wonder, thinking of the magical cosmos that each of us in all of our smallness are a part of.

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