Postcard Messages

The following post is another prompt from the site I came across a little while back. The prompt was to base something on postcard messages, and I thought it would be interesting to see what could happen on opposite sides of an exchange.

“I sure wish you were here darling”. That’s the message he dashed off on the card he had quickly grabbed without even looking at the picture on it. Dropping it into the mailbox, he walked away with his mind already on the woman waiting for him at the bar down the street.

“This distance between us makes me ache to see you again. Maybe someday we’ll be lucky enough to be nearer my love. Until then we’ll have memories, promises, and hydrangeas.” This was the reply that she lovingly wrote on her carefully chosen card. She felt lucky to have gotten the last one with a photo of their favorite place to visit when he was in town. She smiled as she brushed her hand over the card he had sent, touched that he had remembered her favorite flower.

“Looks like I won’t be able to get that time away after all. I miss you baby. The boss is such a bastard.” He tossed this card into the mailbox hurriedly too and went back to where she was waiting in the car. Their bags were in the back for a romantic week at the beach. He kissed her as he got back into the car.

“I hate it that you’re working so much. Sometimes I feel as though I’ll never see you again, and we haven’t talked all week. You’re right. Your boss sucks. Need to see you soon. I love you”. She wiped a tear from her cheek before heading to the post office. Her heart was heavy with a loneliness that was so big that she could barely breathe.

The next card came and the message scrawled on it was, “Hope you’re doing well love”. She nervously opened the other piece of mail she had gotten that day, and a handful of photos fell onto the table.

She ripped his card into pieces and scrawled a message of her own in return, using the back of one of the photos to write on. “Go to hell”.

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