I’ve been working my way through the prompts which I posted about a few days ago. Below is the first poetry prompt that I chose. The prompt was to have a one word title and then increase word count with each line.

Wondering why
We complicate things
Which should be simple
And find it so easy
To make mistakes that last forever

Has thoughtfulness simply faded from our purview
Like a cloud scudding across an Autumn sky
The things in life which really matter become skewed
And we drift along on a stormy sea of confusion


8 thoughts on “Why

    • Thanks Jules. It feels good to be writing poetry again. As much as I want to publish them all here, I’m trying to hold onto some to try to put together a chap book and maybe publish. I am not good at holding back though. Guess we’ll see if I can hold out. 😀 xx

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