The Universe Has Been Kind Enough To Bite Me

The word which I’ve chosen for this year is union. When I had been thinking of my word for the year, I wanted to define my desire to integrate the things which are important to me into my everyday life. I do not want to compartmentalize myself. Yes I am creative, spiritual, happy, deep, sometimes sad, often perplexed, and always looking for ways to feel more whole. Just a few days ago, a book that I’ve been reading mentioned that we can spend so much of our time looking off into the ether for the mystical a-ha moment that we miss out on many opportunities to experience the richness of life…that the key to wholeness is bringing the magic into everyday life. This made sense to me, and fit so well with my word that it affirmed my choice.

The issue was that I was running a little short on inspiration and a lot short on energy, both physical and mental. This is where the biting thing comes in. I’ve been searching for a little while for a treasure trove of prompts that I could use to get my writing juices flowing. I finally came across a great site this morning which has tons of great material to get me started. I’m excited about this, because I needed the jump-start. Here is a link to the site that clicked for me…because referencing is the right thing to do, and in case it might prove useful to some of you. As I work my way through these prompts, I’ll be sharing some of the shorter work here.

Not only has the writing bug finally came through, but I also have a vision for a new painting forming. This renewal of creative inspiration is making me very happy. Yesterday I had my phones off all day, as well as barely touching the computer because I needed to just be…without ringing phones and incoming texts and emails. I laid on the couch just puttering…reading, watching TV, knitting a new scarf with a pattern I’ve had for a few years and hadn’t gotten around to trying, and I spent time just sitting in the sun by the window looking out at the mountains. It was just what I needed, and I enjoyed it so much that I may keep it going for the remainder of the weekend.

My batteries are still feeling really drained and I’ve been in need of lots of sleep and rest lately. My doctor hasn’t been able to pinpoint what is going on yet. There are more tests coming up. In the meantime, I’ve been respecting my body’s need for rest and my mind’s need for less stimulation. It could just be, and is likely, that I am going through a major flare up of CFS/ME and that I’ll just have to ride it out, but the doctor wants to eliminate a few other possibilities to err on the side of caution. I’ll be around and creating as much as I can, but since it seems that this health episode isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I figured it was time to mention it so that those of you who follow me regularly know why I am much less present these days.

I am wishing all of you well, and I truly hope that you are listening to and respecting the needs of your bodies and souls both during times of difficulty and every day.

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